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The Dawn Jarvis Show

Thank you for listening, lets talk soon D. 

Jun 15, 2022

Welcome to the latest episode of The Dawn Jarvis Show, the podcast where I talk to leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs who are part of My Diverse Nurse Network about how they manage business and their health and wellbeing. Brought to you by

Today my guest is Professor Doctor Licy Ngambi 

Licy Ngambi,is a  Professor and Doctor of Business & OB, Founder & CEO Mutepa RARE Solutions Former Vice Chancellor, Author, and Leadership Consultant.

We discussed:

  • Believe in your potential/ Never give up on your dreams
  • When you fall, shake it off, step on it and move on
  • Just be RARE

Dr Licy 's book:

RARE Total Leadership: Leading with the Head, Heart and Hands

Connect with Dr Licy: