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The Dawn Jarvis Show

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Sep 15, 2021

Welcome to a new episode of The  Dawn Jarvis Show, brought to you by

I am your host  Dawn Jarvis The Diverse Nurse, in series 2 I will be spotlighting  professional leaders and business owners who are part of my  Diverse Nurse Network. Focusing on why they do what they do, how they stay focused, positive and productive and make time for their health and wellbeing.

Today's guest is the wonderful  Casandra Austin-McDonald

Casandra Austin-McDonald is a Personal Growth Strategist and Life Coach, speaker, author, and host of the Grow Thru It Podcast. Casandra works with sensitive and empathetic women, helping them to elevate their self-love so they can create the life they both desire and deserve. 

Casandra is also a mental health advocate and has been featured on several other podcasts, blogs, and various media outlets. 

Casandra’s motto is: Do something today that your future self will thank you for!

In this episode we talk about:

  • How the relationship you have with yourself is the most important relationship you ever have
  • Wherever you go, there you are
  • What you desire exists for you but you have to believe you are worth it

Casandra also shares her lived experience with mental health and how that inspired her to start her business.

Casandra's Gift 

10 Self-Love Beliefs You Need in 2021 Masterclass

Connect with Casandra Austin-McDonald