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The Dawn Jarvis Show

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Sep 28, 2021

The Dawn Jarvis Show Presents 

How to Support Your Wellbeing With Ezra Ben-Yisrael

Welcome to the latest episode of The Dawn Jarvis Show, the podcast where I talk to  leaders and entrepreneurs who are part of My Diverse Nurse Network about how they manage business and their health and wellbeing.

Today my guest is Ezra Ben-Yisrael

Ezra is the founder and director of Edifying Answers, a training consultancy. He has a passion for wellbeing, helping individuals develop strategic wellbeing practices in their personal and professional lives. Ezra has over fourteen years of experience supporting individuals around their self-care, wellbeing, confidence building, substance misuse, and recovery.

Topics of discussion:

  • The importance of practising self-care and well being
  • The 5 ways to wellbeing model
  • Setting SMART goals

Ezras Gift.

New season Webinar recording explore some evidence-based strategies that can be used to ensure that you operate in the right mindset and attitude to evoke success as you navigate through life regardless of your current reality.

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