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The Dawn Jarvis Show

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Apr 13, 2022

Welcome to the latest episode of The Dawn Jarvis Show, the podcast where I talk to  leaders, professionals  and entrepreneurs who are part of My Diverse Nurse Network about how they manage business and their health and wellbeing. Brought to you by Today my guest is Casandra McDonald.

Casandra Austin-McDonald is a trauma-informed Mindset Coach, Speaker, Author and Host of the Grow Thru It Podcast. She works with high-achieving and heart-centered women who are ready to get unblocked and unlocked their next level of power and potential to win in life, love and leave a legacy. Casandra worked for over 13 years with individuals and in group settings using evidence-based practices. She also has lived experiences, does her own trauma healing work, and has experienced powerful transformation in her life, relationships and career.

We discuss: 

  • The power they have to overcome anything -
  • The importance to heal trauma wounds
  • What awaits on the other side of healing and reclaiming their power

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