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The Dawn Jarvis Show

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Feb 16, 2022

The Dawn Jarvis Show Presents 

Why It Is Critical That We Need To Tackle The Gender Pay Gap In Self-Employment?

Welcome to the latest episode of The Dawn Jarvis Show, the podcast where I talk to  leaders, professionals  and entrepreneurs who are part of My Diverse Nurse Network about how they manage business and their health and wellbeing. Brought to you by Today my guest is Emma Clayton

Why it is critical that we need to tackle the gender pay gap in self-employment

Emma is a Business Strategist for Female Founded Businesses and a Gender Pay Gap Expert. Emma is on a mission to empower more self-employed to value their work and create a sustainable financial future for the next generation of women.

We discuss:

  • Change your prices, change the world
  • How to value themselves and position themselves as experts (and be confident!)
  • How to powerfully price your services today
Emma's Gift: A Free 45 minute Masterclass that helps listeners to create propositions that elevate their income and market positioning.
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