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The Dawn Jarvis Show

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Jul 6, 2022

What if you could turn your biggest fear into your greatest strength?

In todays podcast we are going to be talking to Josh Perry about how to audit your life to optimise and leverage your fears.

Josh is a International Speaker, Founder of The Perry Foundation, Podcast Host, Author, High-performance Coach, Optimisation Strategist.

Multiple brain tumor survivor and former professional athlete, Josh Perry has devoted his life to sharing his belief that we are all capable of changing aspects of ourselves and our lives, despite any circumstance we find ourselves in, to live the most ideal life we envision. Josh will teach how to see fear from an empowered angle and leverage fear to your advantage by seeing what learnings and experiences are on the other side or pushing past fear.

Josh Book Recommendations

Grain Brain (Health), How To Do The Work (Mindset),

Atomic Habits (Changing & Creating Habits)

The Go Giver (Mindset/Biz), Headstrong (Performance Optimization)

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