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The Dawn Jarvis Show

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Jul 27, 2022

Maintaining your Mental Health through Mediation with Selina Morgan-Gayle


Have you ever had a situation which you feel is unfair perhaps mediation would help?  

My Guest today on The Dawn Jarvis Show is Selina Morgan-Gayle

Selina is an accredited Civil and Commercial Independent Mediator.

The Founder and CEO of the Mediation service company SMG Mediation, which stands for ‘Settlement through Mediation with our Guidance’.


Selina has won many awards and provides individuals and businesses a dispute resolution through mediation for their legal disputes in Civil & Commercial, Employment, Workplace and Family areas.


We talked about

  • How Mediation is the best process to maintaining Mental Health 
  • How Mediation rebuilds personal and professional relationships
  • How the benefits supersede any legal process, especially courts and tribunals 


Selina’s Book Recommendation: The Power of Consistency- Weldon Long


Selina’s Gift

  1. Complimentary 30 Minutes Consultation
  2. 10% off our Mediation Services 
  3. Referral Program: £75.00 for every Individual or Business you Refer by filling out the online form below and ensuring your Referral includes your name and email address. Discount Code SMGRefer10


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