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The Dawn Jarvis Show

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Aug 31, 2022

Hello and welcome to The Dawn Jarvis Show a podcast where a talk business owners leaders and creators about what got them to where they are today, what makes them tick and how they manage their health and well being.

Todays guest is Dr Margaret Price a nurse whose journey encompasses travelling from her native Tobago to the UK to do her nurse training and onto Canada where rose quickly to become a leader in her field as Dean of Nursing health sciences.

She then had to the spiritual calling to do more and 'serve her neighbour' which led to her working extensively across the world, including 17 countries in the Caribbean, Arica and the Middle East and the opportunity to visit more than 20 countries.

At age 86 Dr Price is still working and travelling, she has written her autobiography " My incredible Life's Journey and still sees herself as a work in progress.

Margarets Book: My Incredible Life Journey

Margarets Website