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The Dawn Jarvis Show

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Aug 9, 2022

 Using LinkedIn with Purpose with Ashley Leeds

The 15-Minute Guy.


 Do you want to know how to use Linkedin to promote your business?

With over 800 million people on LinkedIn we imagine that it is a crowded place where we'll not get any business.

This is not true and our guest today Ashley Leeds is using LinkedIn to not only grow his own  business, but he's teaching others to do the same with his 15 minutes a day LinkedIn Daily Habit Workshop

 We talked about how journey from  Chef to coach and Content Creator and:

  • Why we should use LinkedIn
  • First steps to get started on Linkedin 
  • How to optimise your Linkedin  profile

Ashley is one of the most Postive people I have ever met . Join us for a lively and positive discussion

Ashleys Book Recommendation Solve for Happ: engineer Your Path To Joy

Ashleys  Gift: Free Linkedin Profile Review-

Connect with Ashley 


Dawn Jarvis and Ashley Leeds