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The Dawn Jarvis Show

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Mar 2, 2022

Welcome to the latest episode of The Dawn Jarvis Show, the podcast where I talk to leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs who are part of My Diverse Nurse Network about how they manage business and their health and wellbeing. Brought to you by Today my guest is Deeann Graham.

Deeann is an award-winning author and alopecia coach/consultant, educator and advocate. She was diagnosed with alopecia areata at 7-years-old. She published Head-On, Stories of Alopecia to share stories and photos of people around the world living with alopecia in order to provide a broad perspective on the journey of hair loss. Deeann is also the podcast host of Alopecia Life and course creator where she continues to educate and share stories to help others realize they are not alone.

We discuss:

*Community is one of the most important pieces when experiencing a diagnosis
*There are resources available to find help
*Everybody has an opinion about what you should do, but the importance of doing it your way and finding your confidence is the way to move forward.
Deeann's Book Head-On  Stories of Alopecia
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